JPR on SiS's Penryn and Mirage 4 plans

Tuesday 17th July 2007, 10:10:00 AM, written by Rys

Taking a look at JPR's recent post-Computex analysis last week, one story caught our eye. SiS are ramping up for Intel Penryn, and their Mirage 4 D3D10 IGP is core to supporting that effort. With VIA arguably out of the way, SiS's positioning as an Intel partner could be key to their financial health.

We've got their article and a little side analysis that takes the piece and considers it alongside news out of CeBIT earlier this year. Could Mirage 4 be just what SiS need to get themselves back on the horse? Are equine references applicable to graphics market coverage? Let us know after reading the article!

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