3ds Max 2012 and Maya 2012 adds PhysX support

Tuesday 01st March 2011, 07:18:00 PM, written by William

Autodesk announced today that 3ds Max 2012 and Maya 2012 will feature PhysX support.  Autodesk even goes as far to say their PhysX implementation will be multi-threaded (so all you AMD and Intel fans can still rejoice).  Autodesk claims that with PhysX artists will be able to create "more compelling, dynamic rigid-body simulations".

I'm somewhat impressed that PhysX is branching out to other applications besides games.  Obviously there could be a lot of potential here.  But if Word 2012 adds PhysX support, I'm quiting the internet.  

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Posted by ET on Saturday, 19-Mar-11 12:55:15 UTC
Bummer, I'd really love to see PhysX die and replaced by a cross-hardware solution. Still, can't but be impressed by NVIDIA's persistence in pushing it.

Posted by Otto Dafe on Wednesday, 23-Mar-11 06:23:12 UTC
I'm pretty sure 3ds max has had physx in it since R5, which was about 10 years ago. Back before Nvidia bought out Ageia and Autodesk bought out the entire 3d market.

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