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NVIDIA NV31 Chip Details

Main Chip Details
Manufacturer NVIDIA
Process 130nm
Foundry TSMC
Transistor Count 80M
Die Size 0mm²
0mm x 0mm
Chip Package Wirebond
Memory Bus
Bus Width 128-bit
Memory Channels 2 x 64-bit
Memory Type Support DDR
Geometry Pipeline
Geometry Processing VS2.0
Processor Configuration Array
Basic Pipeline Config 4 / 4 / 0
Textures / Pixels / Z
Textures Per Pass 16
Basis Filtering Bilinear
Texture Filtering Methods Bilinear, Trilinear, 8:1 Bi/Trilinear Anisotropic
Texture Compression DXTC (1-5), S3TC
Fragment Processing PS2.0a
Fragment Processing Precision FP32, FP16, FX12
Fragment Processors
FSAA Support Multi-Sampling, Super-Sam
ROP Subsamples 2
Subsampling Method 2X Sparse Grid, 4X Ordered Grid, Mixed Super/Multi-Sampling
Further Details
API Compliance DX9.0
System Interconnect AGP8X
Display Pipeline
Multi GPU Support


This NV31 version had a very limited release and was quickly phased out to be replaced by the Flipchip version.

NVIDIA NV31-based Boards

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 XT 128MiB
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 128MiB
NVIDIA Personal Cinema FX 5600 256MiB