Will Direct3D 10 ever come to Windows XP?

Tuesday 12th June 2007, 09:09:00 AM, written by Geo

Ever since Microsoft announced that v10 of Direct3D would only run on their new Vista operating system, various folks have sniffed a marketing ploy by the software giant rather than a technical requirement. Even such luminaries as John Carmack have promoted this theory. Well, if this is true, then surely there must be a way to foil Microsoft's evil plan and tiptoe around their "restriction", right?

We asked resident Direct3D guru Ralf Kornmann (better known as Demirug on Beyond3D's forums) to explain at greater length the technical issues involved in getting Direct3D 10 running on Windows XP, the various options for doing so, and the limitations of each. You can review his findings here, along with the results of his testing of the current state of one third-party effort to bring Direct3D 10 to Windows XP.

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