Larrabee to also be presented at Hot Chips

Friday 13th June 2008, 11:24:00 PM, written by Arun

Since the rest of the internet is still at the stage where they're all excited about Larrabee being presented at Siggraph (hint: you guys are ten days late), we thought we'd let you know it will also be presented at Hot Chips, presumably with more of a hardware perspective.

We hope Intel will actually dare to make their strategy clear at these two events, especially when it comes to rasterisation vs raytracing, developer evangelism, and DirectX 11. Let's make one thing clear: there's no real difference between the current ray tracing stratagems of Intel and NVIDIA, or what will come out when the end games of both are presented.

The implementation details of how they want to make raytracing fast may vary, but both see it is as a very important research project that should not, however, be applied too much too fast. It is amusing how it seems that NVIDIA thinks Intel takes raytracing more seriously than they really do, while Intel thinks the same for NVIDIA with rasterisation. As is true about many parts of the semiconductor industry and life in general, the truth is often in the middle.

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