Back in February we reported that Intel's Douglas Carmean, new Chief Architect of their Visual Computing Group (VCG) in charge of GPU development at Intel, had been touring universities giving a presentation called "Future CPU Architectures -- The Shift from Traditional Models".  Since then he's added a few more major university stops, and now the feared B3D ninjas have caught up with him. Our shadow warriors have scored a copy of Carmean's presentation, and we've selected the juicy bits for your enjoyment and edification regarding the showdown that Intel sees as already underway between CPU and GPU makers.


Without further ado. . . .




After a fairly standard review of CPU development over the last thirty years, a serpent is detected in the CPU boys' garden of eden, threatening their supremacy. "CPU profit margins are decreasing. GPU margins are increasing."  As the old saying goes, "Follow the money!" and you'll rarely be lead astray. But where has this serpent come from?




Ah ha, NVIDIA and ATI are revealed as the wannabe usurpers, and the GPU programability trends that began with 2001's NV20 DX8 capabilities have now grown to be enough of a threat to gain even the attention of mighty Intel. Given that Carmean first began giving the original form of this presentation in 2005, one might wonder how large a part the rationale displayed here played in AMD's acquistion of ATI which was first proposed in December of that year.