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Beyond3D RSS News Feeds

RSS is a Web content syndication format, and Beyond3D offers a number of feeds for you to consume, all of which are listed below. Currently you can grab our front page news and filter by category, and in the near future we'll offer feeds for all kinds of content including our 3D resources, reviews, interviews, articles and more. Stay tuned.

How to consume our feeds

You'll need to use a news reader, also known as an aggregator, to consume the feeds and use them to get content from Beyond3D. That could be in the form of a standalone software application for your chosen operating system, or it could be via subscription functionality right in your browser. Firefox's Live Bookmarks feature is an example of in-browser RSS consumption, and it's a good RSS citizen that won't abuse our resources.

On Windows, FeedReader is great, while on Mac OS X we like NewsFire, and on Linux we like Straw. There are dozens of others though, if you don't like that triplet of suggestions and you can find a huge list of aggregators at rss-specifications.com (including those for PDAs).

Frontpage News Feeds

  • Main News Feed - link
    • Only Consumer Graphics news - link
    • Only Professional Graphics news - link
    • Only Professional Workstation news - link
    • Only Processor news - link
    • Only Consumer Display news - link
    • Only Software news - link
    • Only Driver news - link

Forum News Feeds

The XenForo software that powers our forum has built-in RSS feed functionality. To consume its feeds, simply visit the forums and look for the RSS feed logos. There's a large one on the bottom right of every forum page which points to the global feed, containing threads and activity from every section you can find. There's an RSS feed for each major section as well, which you can find next to the latest thread and post statistics on the right of each listing.