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NVIDIA Fermi GPU and Architecture Analysis

The timing could barely be better! ATI launch a new line of graphics processors and what do we do?  We finally get round to looking at Fermi.  Alex was at the controls again for this one, beating GF100 in GeForce GTX 470 form up with a new suite of software and a very deep, in-depth analysis of how the majority of the chip and architecture work.  It's the de-facto public analysis and a must read.

RWT: An Updated Look at Intel's Quick Path Interconnect

21st Jul 2011 @ 00:00:00 - written by Alex G  
Analysis of Intel's QPI 1.1 introduced with Sandy Bridge.
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32nm and 28nm process technology article at RWT

16th Feb 2011 @ 02:42:00 - written by William  
Have you fallen behind on the latest semiconductor technology? Fret not, our good friend David Kanter has analyzed the recent process technology advancements in his latest article. This is your chance to finally understand the technologies being used to manufacture your next potential GPU.
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32nm sixsome over at RealWorldTech

17th Mar 2010 @ 21:42:00 - written by Rys  
Westmere comes, RealWorldTech covers.
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Intel and TSMC join forces to further Atom

3rd Mar 2009 @ 09:41:00 - written by Rys  
Intel and TSMC announced yesterday that they were joining forces, with TSMC integrating Intel Atom technology into its product offering.
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AMD Propus to be released in Q2 & Q3

13th Feb 2009 @ 22:10:00 - written by Arun  
Back in 2008, we talked a few times about AMD's Propus chip - basically a Deneb with no L3 cache and 5-10% lower performance in desktop applications - and how important it is to AMD's prospects in desktops. Now Fudzilla claims a 45W EE SKU is slated for early Q2…
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Intel announce Core i7 processors, reviews show up

3rd Nov 2008 @ 23:00:00 - written by Rys  
For the longest time it was known simply as Nehalem, a brand new microarchitecture and the next tick of Intel's release cadence for x86. Now it has officially broken cover as Core i7, the successor to the massively popular Core 2 products that took the world by storm 2 years…
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Intel's Q8200: Good news for AMD?

13th Jun 2008 @ 19:03:00 - written by Arun  
You'd think a new, cheaper quad-core from Intel would be bad news for AMD. However, it turns out that Intel is going so soft on pricing and performance that this might actually turn out to be good news for AMD compared to most alternative scenarios.
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IBM announces PowerXCell 8i, QS22 blade server

13th May 2008 @ 23:23:00 - written by Carl Bender  
IBM today made formal the announcement of an HPC-targeted variant of the Cell B.E. processor, given the name PowerXCell 8i. Featuring re-engineered SPEs with enhanced dual-precision performance and improved memory addressability, the processor is capable of ~102 DP GFlops and support for up to...
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Apple acquires PA Semi; Press proves lack of understanding. [UPDATED]

23rd Apr 2008 @ 14:00:00 - written by Arun  
It's official: the iPhone's future CPU will have a TDP of 25W! Or so mindlessly speculate Forbes and a variety of other websites following Apple's stunning acquisition of P.A. Semi, a manufacturer of power-efficient PowerPC-based CPUs. [UPDATED 4X]
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Toshiba begins shipment of SpursEngine reference design

10th Apr 2008 @ 19:04:00 - written by Carl Bender  
Introduced by Toshiba last September, the Cell-based SpursEngine co-processor has begun shipment in the form of a single lane PCI Express add-in board.
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RWT Analyzes Bulldozer Benchmarks

30th Mar 2011 @ 22:29:00 - written by Alex G  
What does it mean!? Our friends at Real World Tech have a stab at interpreting the recently leaked benchmarks of the eagerly awaited AMD Bulldozer.
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AMD Bulldozer microarchitecture analysis

1st Sep 2010 @ 16:29:00 - written by Rys  
The x86 microprocessor world is on the verge of hotting up again, as both big vendors gear up to launch new products. With AMD's approach to x86 evolution being infinitely more interesting than Intel's, we're glad of any deep analysis into the inner workings of Bulldozer, their next-gen µarch.
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4th Mar 2009 @ 21:36:00 - written by Rys  
Not sure about the ALL CAPS myself, but AMD, ATIC and MDC's joint venture finally got its final name, logo and presence on the Internet.
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AMD completes deal with ATIC to create The Foundry Company

3rd Mar 2009 @ 09:19:00 - written by Rys  
AMD, the Advanced Technology Investment Company, and Mubadala Development Company have put final ink on paper to create The Foundry Company
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PS3 Cluster Used in Attack of MD5 Cryptographic Vulnerabilities

31st Dec 2008 @ 06:27:00 - written by Carl Bender  
Yesterday, at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, a team of researchers presented their report documenting a successful attack on known vulnerabilities within the MD5 cryptographic hash function...
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NASA Evaluates Cell for Climate Modeling

31st Jul 2008 @ 17:18:00 - written by Carl Bender  
At last month's International Supercomputing Conference in Dresden, NASA presented the results of an internal study exploring the suitability of the Cell BE architecture towards accelerating key aspects of climate modeling.
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As Roadrunner Breaks Petaflop Barrier, Heterogeneous Computing in the Spotlight

11th Jun 2008 @ 03:20:00 - written by Carl Bender  
This week, the world of computing officially entered the petaflop era with the announcement that the Los Alamos National Laboratory's 'Roadrunner' had become the first supercomputer in history to cross the psychologically significant threshold of a thousand-trillion calculations per second...
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AMD Phenom X3 released; reviewed

24th Apr 2008 @ 16:00:00 - written by Arun  
AMD has finally released the Phenom X3 outside of the OEM market, with reviews already available at all major hardware websites, including The Tech Report. But is it good?
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IBM semiconductor alliance targets 32nm for metal gate fabrication

15th Apr 2008 @ 05:10:00 - written by Carl Bender  
IBM announced Monday that the semiconductor research alliance led by the firm had successfully demonstrated significant process advancement through the incorporation of high-k/metal gate (HKMG) in test silicon at its East Fishkill fab. Anticipated originally for the 45nm node...
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Nehalem Article @ RWT + 3.2GHz samples(?)

3rd Apr 2008 @ 18:50:00 - written by Arun  
David Kanter at Real World Technologies just published his usual brand of excellent architecture analysis for Intel's upcoming Nehalem processor - there aren't many changes, but it's still well worth the read. At the same time, DT says an A1 Nehalem system at IDF is running at an impressive 3.2GHz.
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