RWT Analyzes Bulldozer Benchmarks

Wednesday 30th March 2011, 10:29:00 PM, written by Alex G

Recently, benchmarks for AMD's eagerly awaited Bulldozer architecture have leaked online. So far, this has mostly created uncertainty about the performance of future products, rather than answering questions.

David Kanter, long time friend at RealWorldTech and always eager to discuss CPU architecture and performance, takes a look at the test system and benchmarks and explains the difficulties in precisely estimating performance. He also goes on to analyze the benchmark results and draws several conclusions about Bulldozer's microarchitecture and performance and what it may mean for future products. 

Well, we certainly aren't going to spoil you, but we do encourage you to head over and check out the thorough analysis for yourself! Anyone remotely interested in Banana Dong (*ahem* B3D Codename for Bulldozer) shan't be disappointed.

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