Back in November, we published an interview primarily focused on Emergent's business and market positioning with their VP and Technology Evangelist, Mike Steele. Since then, we've had the opportunity to ask questions to two other members of their staff: Dan Amerson and Randy Spong. This time around, we're focusing on the technology behind the Gamebryo engine and its various tools and extensions, including Metrics Elements.

We wanted to ask questions that were directly relevant to the specific technology involved which is why we investigated Gamebryo's feature-set, and then we focused on what we weren't quite sure about afterwards because of a lack of detail, or just because we didn't even understand it at all. Et voila, here's the resulting interview.

We refer you back to our introductory-level overview of Gamebryo and related technologies and features. It's not hugely in-depth, but hopefully a good overall summary, being a tad shorter in terms of actual specifications than Emergent has on their website, but with longer explanations for various bits and pieces.

Therefore if you want to learn about some of that stuff to get an idea of a few of the techniques behind Gamebryo -- and modern engines in general -- just dive in, and enjoy.