ATI releases OpenGL4.0 preview driver, for great justice

Thursday 25th March 2010, 07:57:00 PM, written by Alex Voicu

It seems that strange things are amiss in the land of graphics: against all odds, ATI proved very fast in exposing OpenGL3.3/4.0 support, releasing a preview driver that can be found here (there's even a Linux build there!). We haven't yet had the chance to play with it, but we admit to being quite eager to do so.

Many hopes are being pinned on OpenGL4.0, which brings the long-running API to near feature-parity with DirectX 11 (there are still some things missing, but nothing major). Some theorise that an OpenGL "revival" in the consumer space is on the verge of happening, although we dare say it's quite early for making such predictions.

All in all, if you wanted to port some of your DX11 codes to OpenGL for whatever reason, you can actually start doing that right now, as OpenGL4.0 support being exposed means that the process will be significantly less painful than it could have been - go heavily tessellate some tori, please!


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