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Story by Rys - Friday 31st August 2007, 11:11:00 AM

August 31st, 2007, Taipei –Shipping, GECUBE HD2600XT X2 GEMINI 3, first with 1Gbyte of GDDR2 high speed on-board memory and enabling Hardware CrossFire performance with just light, compact one card design avoiding the use of a second card installation, delivers a remarkable combination of DirectX 10 gaming performance and hardware processed 1080p video based on the top performance of the ATI Radeon HD2600XT family with the most impressive games experience.

Gemini 3 design incorporates "Auto Pilot Safe Protection” feature with both GPUs hardware design independent of each other to ensure normal operation even if one of the GPU ease to functions. Utilize the usage of ultra-low ESR solid capacitors with longer component lifespan and its patent pending Turbo cool Thermal solution to ensure the best reliability of the design.

The GEMINI HD2600XT X2 also has built-in HDMI with HDCP decode to deliver crispy high definition video to supports the latest UVD (Universal Video Decoder) video processing technology. This means 1080p/1080i (HD2600XT), Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are all supported, not only making the resulting images more detailed and realistic but also ensuring that your computer stays cool and quiet during the decoding process.

Support big-screen HDMI TVs via DVI to ATI exclusive HDMI dongle including built-in 5.1 surround audio and HD Video to enjoy Blu-ray and HD DVD movies playback or S-Video analog port for HDTVs. Enhance the stunning Windows Aero user interface with ATI Catalyst graphics management software is Certified for Windows Vista for quick and easy setup of graphics, video, and multiple displays.

The HD2600XT X2 GEMINI 3 Simultaneous Quad DVI display also dramatically increases Office Productivity for business professionals and high-end workstation users. The Quad DVI multi-display configuration permits working with multiple full-screen documents or applications simultaneously — eliminating the need to constantly open, close, or minimize applications. This multi-displays support allow the desktop viewing expands across Quad digital displays enables support for high-resolution panels, offering a stretched desktop of up to 1920x1200 (single-link DVI) or 2560x1600 (dual-link DVI, HDCP) across Quad displays for surround gaming environment.

The GEMINI 3 RADEON® HD2600XT X2 series PCI-Express X16 cards is available in 2 models:

1> HD2600XT X2 -1Gbyte on-board memory @ $279.00 +
2> HD2600XT X2 -512Mbyte on-board memory @ $259.00 +

At the above suggested e-retailer price which will delivers the outstanding gaming performance that dominate the other graphics options in the price class.

HD2600XT X2 series products currently support the latest DirectX10 (DX10) technology. The Geometry Shader has been added to the DX10 standard, enhancing 3D functions like distance bump mapping. Graphical data can also be processed in separate cycles to give a major boost to the number of particles, colors and brightness. The included Shader Model 4.0 image optimization technology guarantees that what you see from the Radeon 2600 X2 series will have game screens and lines that you could swear were real.

Support ATI Overdriveâ„¢ feature lets users safely maximize the performance level of their graphics processor. ATI Overdriveâ„¢ intelligently determines the optimal speed of the graphics processor by constantly monitoring the temperature of the graphics processor, ensuring that it always stays at a safe level.

Support Quad-Crossfire (4 x GPUs) capability for 2 x GEMINI 3 HD2600XT X2 boards with future drivers release and on Quad-Crossfire capable motherboards to further enhanced the value and performance of the graphics cards.

This new generation of GEMINI X2 VGA family delivers The Ultimate Visual Experience™ through immersive HD gaming with DirectX® 10 and HD media playback at an affordable, best value for your bucks !

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