Now what happens when we overclock? Well to do this, we brought both boards to the highest speeds that we could get them to stably work at.  This, of course, required some extra cooling. The 3DB was able to reach an awesome 175 MHz for the core and the memory ran at 220 MHz. The Xentor was only clocked on 175/204Mhz, as it didn't seem to want to work very well any higher. Let's see what happened:

Well, do we see a big leap in performance? At 800*600 the 16-bit line of both card is way over the ideal line, which is perfect (60 fps at the given resolution). We can see the 3DB, with just a little bit more bandwidth, performs better in 32-bit. Let's look at demo2:

Interestingly, here we find that at 800*600 both lines are on or above the ideal line, which means a perfect fill-rate score. Even at 16-bit 1024*768, you have enough fill-rate to get a good frame-rate of 60 fps.