So what does the Image Quality of Voodoo3 really look like? Well Billy from Voodoo Extreme, who already has a Voodoo3 board, was so kind to capture a screenshot of Kingpin, using the correct filter and the correct capture program. You can find the complete un-edited images, both on Voodoo3 and TNT at these links:

Voodoo3  @ 1600x1200x16bits
TNT @ 1600x1200x32bits

>>> WARNING <<<

Just received word from Billy that the screenshots that he had and that I used in the rest of this article might be incorrect. Check out his post :

Pulled for now.  Duane (Gamer's Depot) fired these shots off to me (as I don't have a TNT2), but the closer that I inspect them, it's just hard to imagine that they are from different cards.  Plus, I'm trying to get .bmps of the shots as well as .jpgs.  I haven't received word back from Duane yet as verification, so until I have no doubts, I pulled the images.  More on this in a short while.  Hey, it was early this morning, and I was messed up on this wacky Nyquil/Vodka smoothie that Sweet Dick recommended :)   

So for now take the shots with a grain of salt until we know for sure, image quality should be better but maybe not exactly as good as shown in these shots. I will keep you up to data. I am very very sorry if this ends up being wrong. Sorry Sorry in advance... So take the rest with a grain of salt !!!

Below I will show you some details, these details are ZOOMED (all the pictures here are zoomed) in, this means that it should be easier to see differences. Several TNT biased sites have shown image comparisons between TNT2 and V3, unfortunately most fail to mention that the shots are zoomed in and they are also using the incorrect filter setting AND the wrong capture program. I will also show an incorrectly filtered detail at the end.

First of all, most problems should be visible in color gradients since that is where 24/32-bit color shows its advantage. Most color gradients are found in sky textures and in Light Maps. So lets have a look at a detail from the sky :

Voodoo 3 Image in 22 bit mode

TNT Image in 24/32bit mode

Note that these screenshots are slightly different due to that they are taken at different moments in time and at a slightly different position. But look at them :

- No Horizontal Artifacts
- No Ugly dithering patterns
- No Banding

IMHO, this looks like really really good 16 bit quality, as expected the selective filter seems to do its job. Lets have a look at a light map :

Voodoo 3 Image in 22 bit mode

TNT Image in 24/32bit mode

Notice that some of the artifacts seen here are due to JPEG compression of the original images. But again notice that both images look very similar: no dither pattern, no horizontal artifacts, no banding. Again, the filter seems to be doing its job. As soon as I get the Voodoo3 board, I will do a High Quality comparison using low compresses (no artifacts) JPEG images.

On the next page I will show some image parts to analyze what happens to details: are they being blurred or not?