One could say I'm a huge fan of the Dead Space games, especially the New Game+ (NG+) feature, which allows players to carry over inventory and upgrades. In Dead Space 1, NG+ could only be done on the same difficulty, but for the sequel the developers have abolished that limitation to work on any difficulty ( except for Hardcore, a truly tense experience with the ability to save only three times with no checkpoints).

Time to put down the controller...

Anyways, as I was playing through my fourth run of Dead Space 2 (first time for the experience, second time for paying attention to the story, third time for kicking ass), there were a number of questions running through my mind regarding the techologies developers employ in their games. One of the questions was, "How do I get these answered?"

Four Easy Steps to Convergence

Step 1: Crawl into the machinations that are the community

In contrast to the game's genre, getting in touch with the folks at Visceral was a completely painless experience; they have placed a great deal of importance with community feedback, so finding one of their calibre posting on forums was easy enough.

Step 2: Ask questions all around and get in contact with the person whose field of expertise covers said questions.

It's a bit of a shot in the dark for first contact - one cannot be certain of his/her field of expertise. Luckily, the folks at Visceral are a friendly bunch and happy to pass along interview requests.

Step 3: ???

I'll spare you the nitty gritty details of step 3, but this is where I see eye-to-eye with Mr. Doug Brooks and poke around a little with a lot of questions in the hopes that I can get some answers!

Step 4: PR Acceptance

Let's just say that you wouldn't be reading this without it, so with that out of the way, onto the Q&A!

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