CES: Microsoft signs XBox Live content agreements

Tuesday 08th January 2008, 09:09:00 PM, written by Carl Bender

Microsoft has announced that it will be expanding the video offerings available through the XBox Live Marketplace to include content from newly signed partners ABC/Disney Channel and MGM studios. Enjoying broad popularity since its launch in late 2006, the Video Store has already built a broad catalog of content drawing from the vaults of existing partners including, but not limited to, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, and NBC. The addition of the ABC/Disney Channel family will further enhance Live content options by giving 360 owners access to hit shows such as Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Hannah Montana, and Ugly Betty, with MGM potentially contributing a wide range of popular films to the service spanning from Rocky to Silence of the Lambs.

Microsoft states that the first content from these new partnerships should be available for download later this month.

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