NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275 at $250 to fight HD 4890

Saturday 11th April 2009, 11:48:00 AM, written by Rys

ATI's launch of Radeon HD 4890 was countered with NVIDIA hurredly launching a new SKU at $250 to compete.  Dubbed GeForce GTX 275, the product is powered by G200b, the 55nm optical shrink of GT200 which powers GTX 285 and the dual-chip GTX 295.

Some way larger than RV790, and thus making NVIDIA take less margin for the GPU silicon at $250 than ATI do (assuming cost normalisation elsewhere of course), GT200b in GTX 275 form has all core processing elements enabled, but a 64-bit ROP and memory partition is disabled.

That means headline numbers of 240 FP32 SPs, 448 bits to memory, 896 MiB of GDDR3 (there's no GDDR5 support on an NVIDIA graphics chip yet), base clock of 633 MHz, hot clock of 1404 MHz, and a 2268 MHz effective memory frequency.

The clocks mean over 60 watts less peak power draw than a GeForce GTX 285, and performance that matches HD 4890 so closely that you'd swear that NVIDIA tuned the SKU to do so.  Oh, wait.  Joking aside, GeForce GTX 275 isn't officially available until the 14th of April, so there's a few days wait until people can reliably get their hands on them.

The Tech Report's look at HD 4890 encompassed comparative performance to GeForce GTX 275 too, so that article is your best bet if you want to consider one up against its immediate peers.


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