Really Techy Worldly Hot Par 2010 coverage

Wednesday 04th August 2010, 09:35:00 PM, written by Alex Voicu

As the wheel of reincarnation turns, and once again parallel is envisioned as the only way to go forward (amusingly enough, parallelism is hardly a new topic, and its benefits and challenges were making synapses around the globe tick long before adding GP to GPU meant an extra sale), events centered around the topic increase in quantity and, hopefully, quality. Hot Par is one such event, a workshopy conference held in Berkley that focuses on the software aspect of the parallel enchilada.

Our friends at RealWorldTech, always ready to discuss software in general and parallel software in particular, wrote a rather extensive analysis of the entire event, one that we wholeheartedly encourage you to read. Trust us, it's pretty interesting!


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